1.  I will be respectful, responsible, and ethical to all other members/non-members, members of any other clubs, and to the general public.

2.  I will conduct myself, whether observing at a dog function or exhibiting any dog.  I will exhibit good sportsmanship and consideration to others and other animals.

3.  I will conduct myself in a manner that does not slander or undermine the CMA, CMA members, and/or another club or other clubs members.

4.  I will not use false statements to advertise or promote the Mi-Ki breed, whether I decide to actively breed or not to breed the Mi-Ki.

5.  I will conduct myself by the Code of Ethics, Bylaws, and Breed Standard put fourth by the CMA. 

6.  I will conduct my breeding program by the breed standard of the Mi-Ki set fourth by the CMA. 

7.  I will not falsify any information, such as Pedigree(s), Registration Paper(s), Health Record(s), and/or Breeding History on any dog(s).

8.  I will always do my best to educate any new Mi-Ki owner, any Mi-Ki breeder, and/or the general public, about the needs of the Mi-Ki dog(s) (for example: DNA, Veterinarian care, whelping, etc.).  This in return will promote responsible ownership for the Mi-Ki(s).

9.  I will be honest and forthcoming to other members of the CMA and to the general public.

10.  I will always provide a proper diet, proper physical exercise, proper living environment and proper Veterinarian care for my Mi-Ki(s).

11.  I will never sell a Mi-Ki(s) to any pet store, at any flea market, to a experimental lab, and/or to anyone who wants to breed the Mi-Ki(s) unethically.

12.  I will always keep up to date written vaccination records, written health records and written worming records of my Mi-Ki(s).  I will provide up to date written vaccination records, written health records and written worming records to any and all buyer(s).  I will also provide buyer(s) with any and all vaccination and worming labels that was given to the Mi-Ki(s).

13.  I will never transport a Mi-Ki(s), to be sold, from state to state without a proper health certificate from a licensed Veterinarian.  

14.  I will not breed a bitch (female) if the female is 4 pounds or less.  I will not breed a dog (male) if they only have one testicle or in any case where the bitch (female) or dog (male) has been found to have any genetic or breeding problems by a licensed Veterinarian.  In all cases, the CMA requires that the bitch (female) or dog (male) be spay or neutered. 

15.  I will provide the CMA with a complete DNA profile on my Mi-Ki(s).  This is required for all breed able bitches (females) and dogs (males).  This will not be required for any bitch (female) or dog (male) that is not going to be used for breeding.

16.  I will submit all litter registration forms and registration papers for transfer to the CMA register in a timely manner.  It is recommended that you submit litter registration forms to the register by no later then 4 weeks after the birth of the litter.  It is required that any and all transfers of registration papers are submitted to the register no later than 6 month’s of the date of sell.  If you do not submit the registration papers before 6 month’s of the date of sell, your Mi-Ki(s) will not be able to be registered with the CMA.

17. I will honor all guarantees and/or contracts between myself and another person(s).

I have fully read, fully understand, and fully agree to all Continental Mi-Ki Association policies and the Code of Ethics, and hereby acknowledge and agree to comply with all policies, Code of Ethics, and the above as a Continental Mi-Ki Association member.

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CMA Updated (07-22-04)