Dues should be paid by January 1st of each year or member benefits will be halted until renewal has been paid. Any member joining or renewing membership with the Continental Mi-ki Association, Inc. after October 1 of the current year is not required to renew for the next year. 

NAME(s): ________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _______________________________________________________

CITY: ______________________ STATE: ________________ ZIP: __________

PHONE: _______________ EMAIL: ___________________________________

Type of membership:

___ Individual - $20       ___ Family - $30         ___ Junior - $15

___ Complimentary 1st year membership
(Offered to new members only with purchase of CMA Mi-Ki)
Referred by: ______________________________________

Are you interested in becoming actively involved with the CMA in any of the following areas?

___ Breeding         ___ Showing        ___CMA Officer or Board

___CMA Committee    ___ Pet Owner    

___Other area of interest___________________________

In signing this application I agree to conduct myself by the Continental Mi-ki Association Constitution, Bylaws, and CMA Members Code of Ethics. 

Signature(s): _____________________________________________________

Date: ____________________________

I would like the quarterly Newsletter sent:   ___Email    ___US Postal
___Yes, include me in the yearly membership listing sent to all CMA members.

Please return the signed Membership application and Code of Ethics with dues to:

CMA Treasurer
C/O Diana Rabb
3128 Winberry Drive
Franklin TN 37064

CMA Update (03-23-07)