Celebrating 10 years of Mi-Ki Dedication  

On January 1st of 2002 a number of Mi-Ki breeders established the Continental Mi-Ki Association (CMA). These breeders shared a common passion to create an honest, ethical association that is for its members. The CMA strives toward excellence, working toward national recognition, and to honestly educate the general public about this wonderful rare breed. The CMA requires all breeders to abide by the Health Exam Protocol established for the betterment of the Mi-Ki breed and to insure top quality puppies for adoption. For breedable Mi-Kis to be registered, or their litters registered, breeders must perform at minimum on all adults; Cardiac (by board certified Cardiologist), Ophthalmologist exam and CERF registered, Complete Veterinarian Health exam, Patella exam, Complete Blood Count (CBC), & DNA. The breeders must also be in good standing with the CMA and abide by strict Breeder Code of Ethics; which requires proper care and socializing. A Breeder Home Inspections has been performed on each breeders listed on our site. To find out more about CMA breeder requirements please (click) here.

The CMA required breeders to accomplish DNA-VIP (verified Identified Parentage) thru UKC and Ophthalmologist exams performed on all puppies produced. The CDHPR is an entry program for the United Kennel Club, the second largest purebred canine club in the United States. DNA-VIP and Ophthalmologist exams assist us, as breeders and a registry, to ensure the future of the Mi-Ki breed as a healthy purebred. By documenting our DNA results with this independent registry, breeders are assured that bloodlines are accurate and buyers are reassured of the authenticity of their companion.

*** CDHPR acceptance as of July 2008 ***
The Canine Developmental Health and Performance Registry, the entry program for the United Kennel Club, has accepted the Continental Mi-Ki Association for future UKC recognition.
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The Continental Mi-Ki Association is where all members are united in pursuing the best interest of the Mi-Ki breed. As a member of the CMA we welcome you to participate in all decisions and functions. The CMA welcomes Mi-Ki owners and breeders of all registries to participate in our endeavors. For more information or for membership consideration please contact Bonnie Campbell, Continental Mi-Ki Association Registrar.

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